Wellness Massage - Cultivating Mindfulness. Creating Awareness.
Kristen offers a variety of services:
Pediatric Massage
Kristen has experience working with children and adolescence who suffer from headaches, pain associated with sporting activities and growing pains.

Swedish Massage
Smooth, flowing strokes with minimal pressure applied. Relaxing, stress reducer. 
Deep Tissue Massage
Uses muscle energy techniques, muscle stripping, and trigger point techniques. More direct to localized areas. Specializing in upper body, neck, and head.
Thai Massage
Wear loose clothing. Stretching techniques that help to increase flexibility and body awareness. Also practiced to maintain the body's flow of energy.
Myofascial Massage
Great for anyone who feels stressed, has Fibro Myalgia or stiffness. Slow strokes with specific pressure and techniques that loosen connective tissue while affecting the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing calmness.
Jin Shin Energy Work
Mindful, attentive energy work used to open the body's natural flow of energy. Very calming. Creates awareness and space for release.
Fertility Massage
Are you experineicng difficulty conceiving?  Fertility Massage is an alternative holistic approach to conception that is based on cleansing, breaking up congestion, fertility awareness education, and balancing and opening up both physical and spiritual energy.
Prenatal Massage
Induces relaxation, comfort, and calmness for mother while easing natural pains associated with pregnancy.
Sports Massage
Rehabilitative work similar to deep tissue but with isometric techniques. Includes muscle strengthening, re-education and stretching. Kristen has provided massage therapy for champion tri-athletes as well as serving as the team therapist for the Charlotte Bobcats when they visit Wilmington each year for pre-season training.
Meditation & Relaxation
An extremely relaxing therapy that brings awareness to breathing and teaches relaxation and self de-stressing techniques. Meditation is guided and suggestive and includes head, neck, face and shoulder work as well.

Hot Stone Therapy
Technique added to myofascial or deep tissue. May also be given as a separate massage altogether. The heat applied with pressure creates a soothing effect with added circulation to afflicted areas.
Seated Chair Massage
Not sure what treatment is right for you? Kristen will gladly assess your needs and help you decide.
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