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Wellness Massage in downtown Wilmington, NC.

                           Due to COVID-19 new regulations have been set in place by the government.Please visit this link to see requirements and changes.Feel free to call me if you have any concerns.

Wellness Massage is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle by cultivating mindfulness and creating awareness. Wellness Massage offers a variety of therapeutic massage services that can rehabilitate body pains, relieve stress, and ultimately improve your health and well-being.  

Everyone can benefit from therapeutic massage. This healing art has been practiced since ancient times, successfully improving circulation, joint range-of-motion, and flexibility. It has been shown to effectively relieve muscle tension, insomnia, arthritis, bursitis, headaches, frozen shoulders, digestive problems, stress, and even anxiety and depression. 

Kristen Dempsey, owner of Wellness Massage, is a nationally certified massage and body work therapist (NCSL #1866, NCTMB # 294498-00). She has been practicing professional massage therapy since 2000. Her specialties include techniques known as muscle stripping, isometric stretching, cross fiber friction, M.E.T., compression, trigger point release, cryo and heat therapies as well as muscle referral release. She is also a certified Fertility Massage Specialist, who can offer an holistic alternative to encourage conception.  

Kristen fully directs her focus towards the health and well being of each individual client, strongly believing that massage therapy is extremely effective in reducing pain and stress, while aiding in recovery, formation of breathing techniques, creating body awareness, overall well-being, and preventative maintenance. Kristen has experience working with children and adolescence who suffer from headaches, pain associated with sporting activities and growing pains. She serves clients in her downtown Wilmington, NC office and is also happy to make outcalls for those who prefer to receive massage in the comfort of their own homes (throughout Wilmington, Hampstead, Leland, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach areas).

Commit to a healthy lifestyle and contact Kristen to schedule an appointment today! (910-520-8879 - phone)

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